Thursday, November 4, 2010

MIDI built in to new iPad iOS 4.2!

Some really exciting news just surfacing at Create Digital Music and Palm Sounds reports that the next version of iOS for iPad (4.2) will have Apple's Core MIDI Framework available! This is really great as it means that you will no longer need the Line6 Midi Mobilizer to talk to midi devices. You will, however, need the apple iPad Camera Connection Kit’s USB adapter. So you still have to buy something.

What does this really mean?
It looks like certain supported usb MIDI devices that do not require bus power are going to work with the iPad right out of the box (provided you have the USB adapter mentioned above). There are already reports of it working with a Novation Remote 61 (see below) and other hardware is being looked at as I write.

Why did I buy a Line6 MIDI Mobilizer? 
I asked myself the same thing and I decided I am going to hold on to mine. I have actually been using the mobilizer with Nanostudio to talk to my old school/non USB MIDI gear and even with this new framework, it looks like the Mobilizer is going to be the best solution for my needs as it doesn't require any power and is a compact way to get in and out of my old MIDI gear.

In any case, I guess I get to buy another accessory that is small enough to lose (the USB adapter). I have a bunch of USB MIDI controllers so I will report back here when I figure out what works.

(Thanks to Create Digital Music for the vid...)


  1. I'm more interested in sync'ing and triggering the ipad soft synths (like the Korg IMS-20) to the rest of my midi gear - controlling the ipad apps from a sequencer or a real keyboard rather than using the ipad as the controller. Wouldnt the Midi Mobilizer enable me to integrate my equipment more effectively with my other gear?

  2. Walter, that is the way I do it. I use the mobilizer as it isn't as you can use real midi gear without an intermediate usb box. I am about to write a big post about how I did it for a show in Minneapolis last weekend.