Thursday, September 9, 2010

NanoStudio Tips

Here are a couple of new things just pointed out to me by the devs at Blip Interactive that have expanded the potential for song creation in NanoStudio.

One thing I have been trying to figure out is how to change synth patches on a track midsong. It didn't seem possible but the functionality is in there, deep in the menu tree.

In song patch switching:
1. Go to the song editor
2. Select a part and tap More -> Properties
3. Select the Preset tab
4. Tap Enable
5. Pick the preset for that Part
This allows patch switching midsong which means you could have a completely different set of sounds on the verses and choruses. Seriously useful...

Another cool function is hidden in the same properties menu. It is pattern conversion and allows you to convert a part to a pattern and vice versa. Patterns have several useful properties: Patterns loop when their ends are stretched, changing a pattern in one instance changes all of the instances of the same pattern (like FL Studio), and since they are repeated events they save on part number limits. You can even go back to a part after conversion to a pattern. This all at once answered a bunch of gripes I had about the song sequencer. Here is how to make it happen.

Convert to pattern:
1. Go to the song editor
2. Select a part and tap More -> Properties
3. Select the Pattern tab
4. Pick a pattern number with the Using Pattern field
4. Touch Convert to pattern
5. To convert back to a part simply hit Convert to part

Both of these operations lead to label insertion on the song editor screen where the pattern number is followed by the preset number.

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  1. Great tip! With only 4 synths online it really makes sense to have the ability to switch patches on the go for more variation on verses , choruses. It makes an already powerful program, much more versatile at the compositional level and it makes a final mix sing.
    Thanks again,