Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Crap! GarageBand for iPad!

Audio and Sequences together at last
Apple hit the iPad music community with a huge surprise announcement of GarageBand for iPadyesterday and I can't believe how excited I am, especially considering it is GarageBand. For some reason, I have never taken GB very seriously. Some of my friends use it as their main sequencer and it always kind of made me chuckle. This really isn't warranted since I use FL Studio as my main sequencer and it used to be called Fruity Loops. There is just something about the fact that it is included with every mac that made me never take it seriously. However, my friends swear by it. Ryan who runs kindercore with me used it for his band The Buddy System and that shit was great.

When you start looking at everything this app is going to have, it gets really exciting. The timeline appears to allow both audio and sequencing which is something no other iPad app can do yet unless you count beatmaker 2 which I don't because it is really sampling and not proper multitracking. It also has drumpads, controllable synths, and all the other stuff the fans of GB are always claiming are awesome.

This looks stupid, but it is built in to
the app!!
This is why I have always thought
Garage Band was lame.

Synth Controls - thank you Apple

Not pretty, but it probably works.

So basically, I am sold, however it looks like it is only going to be available for the iPad 2. I am not sure about this, but that seems to be the scuttlebut. If that is the case I am totally bummed because this is the only reason I can see for getting the new iPad. However, a year ago I was all like "I don't need an iPad, it is just a big iPhone". Now I can't live without it and take it with me almost everywhere I go.

Anyway, if someone can verify this app is iPad 2 only so I can get really sad that would be great. 

UPDATE: It looks like there is hope!!! A few sources, including a tweet by Danny Patterson (@Coupler), claim confirmation that the Garage Band may work on the original iPad. 

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  1. Just got GarageBand on my 64GB first gen iPad and it works perfectly!
    Love your blog!!!

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